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Montalvo’s arts education programs grow out of our institutional commitment to providing quality learning experiences for all ages. Leveraging our stunning grounds as well as various local schools and educational sites, we present a broad range of relevant and compelling offerings that foster the creative spirit, engage the imagination, and set the stage for arts integration in the classroom.

Working within a STEAM framework (i.e. “focusing on the disciplines of science and technology through the lens of engineering and the arts, all rooted in math”), we ignite the learning process through cross-curriculum arts-centered integration. With collaborative approaches that include exposure to the arts, interaction with artists, and opportunities to engage in the creative process, we work to evolve the educational landscape in Silicon Valley and provide opportunities for students to foster 21st-century learning skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and global citizenship. Our professional development opportunities support teachers as they navigate the instructional shifts integral to current standards.

Our programs are robust and our reach is wide. More than 20,000 students participate in our education programs every year, and many receive scholarships to do so. We are proud to provide a wealth of inspiring learning opportunities for educators, students, and the community at large.


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