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Blue Garden

The Blue garden is a new addition at Montalvo. Located directly across from the Box Office and Project Space Gallery, this garden is inspired by the large Spanish Fir (Abies pinsapo) planted on the grounds. In the planting areas surrounding this tree, a collection of similarly colored glaucous foliaged plants, (plants with bluish or grayish foliage) is being planted to amplify the ethereal shades of blue of the fir. Included are a Karoo Cycad (Encephalartos lehmanii) from South Africa, a Mexican Blue Palm (Brahea armata), and Pelt's Blue Lawson Cypress (Chamaecyparis 'Pelt's Blue'), a hybrid Cypress from the Pacific Northwest. 

Bird Garden

The Bird Garden is located just down the path from the Blue Garden, underneath Cameron Hockenson's Sculpture on the Grounds piece, Control Tower. The sculpture is comprised of numerous bird houses attached to an evergreen tree, so the Bird Garden was planted with the goal of attracting birds to the area.