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  • Kenny Scharf, Pikaboom, 2012 THROUGH FRI, OCTOBER 31
    Fun and Games

    Play is one of the most important sources of physical and mental wellbeing. It simultaneously relaxes and stimulates our brains and bodies, relieving stress and boosting creativity and imagination. Yet despite the crucial importance of play for our overall heath, it occupies an ever-decreasing role in our lives. Burnt out, overstressed, and chronically overwhelmed by our growing workloads, we increasingly neglect the practice of play ...

  • Susan O’Malley and Leah Rosenberg, Finding Your Center, 2014. BAN7. THROUGH SUN, OCTOBER 5 (Yerba Buena Center for the Arts)
    Finding Your Center

    Since 1997, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts has mounted its signature triennial titled Bay Area Now (BAN). Each edition of the program marks a moment in the life of the institution and regional art scenes through the work of the participating artists who are seen as representative of the spirit of that particular time. For BAN7 YBCA has partnered with fifteen Bay Area arts ...


  • Handbuilt Clay Forms ON NOW THRU FRI, AUGUST 1 (Creekside Studio)
    Hand Built Clay Forms

    Pinch, coil, and slab pots are ancient methods that can still be used to create beautiful hand-crafted pottery. Students will use these techniques to learn the basics of clay construction and detailing as well as a variety of finishing methods.

  • Art is Everywhere ON NOW THRU FRI, AUGUST 1
    Art is Everywhere: Multi-sensory Art

    What is the sound of color? How does a word taste? Campers will explore the amazing connections between sight, sound, and self–and harness painting, poetry, and creative movement to express themselves in relation to the world around them. 

  • Drawing from Fantasy ON NOW THRU FRI, AUGUST 1
    Outside the Lines: Drawing from Fantasy

    Students at all skill levels will explore the realms of fantasy and the surreal as they learn techniques for drawing and seeing in new ways. Working with pencil and collage, campers will learn about texture, color, composition, shading, design, and detail.    

  • Cooking up Fun! ON NOW THRU FRI, AUGUST 1 (Lucas Artists Program Commons)
    Cooking Up Fun: Discovering the Culinary Arts

    A mix of cooking, crafts, and music make this class a hands-on feast of fun suitable for all ages. Follow recipes, learn about nutrition and hospitality, and make lots of tasty treats to take home.

  • Pitch Perfect ON NOW THRU FRI, AUGUST 1
    Pitch Perfect: Musical Theatre

    Do you love to sing? Build song and dance skills while developing musical theater talents with professional actors, singers, dancers, and stage choreographers. Students will perform at the end of the week for friends and family.

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