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  • Mosaic Art ON NOW THRU FRI, JULY 29 (Park Grounds)
    Mosaic Art

    An entire week of hands-on fun! Students will begin the course by learning about examples of mosaic design through the centuries. Next, they will create their own mosaic designs and—using a variety of materials such as tiles, glass, buttons, and seeds—turn their vision ...

  • Snapshot: Digital Photography ON NOW THRU FRI, JULY 29 (Park Grounds)
    Snapshot: Digital Photography

    The focus is on creativity and self-expression in this fun photography class. Students will begin each day learning a new photographic technique which they will then practice, all while exploring Montalvo’s beautiful grounds searching for subject matter. Key principles like the rule of thirds ...

  • Cooking Up Fun! ON NOW THRU FRI, JULY 29 (Historic Villa)
    Cooking Up Fun

    A mix of cooking and crafts makes this class a hands-on feast of fun for aspiring chefs. Students will begin by getting the low-down on kitchen safety and learn how to follow recipes to make delicious, nutritious foods. After the cooking is done, they will ...

  • American Pop Star ON NOW THRU FRI, JULY 29
    American Pop Star

    This fun week of singing, dancing, and stage skills will have campers on the path to pop stardom in no time! First, students will be introduced to the basics of vocal music and dance skills. Next, singing some of today’s chart-topping hits, students will ...

  • Circus Arts MON, AUGUST 1 - FRI, AUGUST 5 (Park Grounds)
    Circus Arts

     Come join the circus! Using face paint, costuming, and their unique sense of humor, each student will create a clown persona. Next, they will master acro-stunts and other skills to create individual and group performances that express that new persona. Along the way, they will ... Register for 1 p.m. (Ages 6 & up)

  • Spy Camp: Art Heist MON, AUGUST 1 - FRI, AUGUST 5 (Park Grounds)
    Spy Camp: Art Heist!

    Campers’ mission—if they choose to accept it—is to master the art of espionage. But before they can enter the field, they will need to earn their spy license by demonstrating mastery of key sleuthing skills like collecting clues, decoding messages, physical training, and ... Register for 9 a.m. (Ages 6 & up)

  • Electronic Art MON, AUGUST 1 - FRI, AUGUST 5 (Park Grounds)
    Electronic Art

    What can young minds accomplish when armed with a battery, some wire, and their innate imagination? Pretty much anything—and students will see how in this fun introduction to electronics! Campers will begin the course by learning what circuits are and how electricity works. Next ... Register for 9 a.m. (Ages 9 & up)

  • Woodworking: Sculpting with Wood MON, AUGUST 1 - FRI, AUGUST 5 (Park Grounds)
    Woodworking: Sculpting with Wood

    In this introductory course, students will learn how to use hand tools to craft dynamic three-dimensional sculptures from wood. Instruction will include tool safety and training while exploring hand-cutting, sanding, application techniques, and finishing processes. At the end of the week, their creations will be ... Register for 1 p.m. (Ages 9 & up)

  • Project Wonderland MON, AUGUST 1 - FRI, AUGUST 5
    Let's Put On A Show: Project Wonderland

    30 young actors. Five days. One dazzling performance. Can it be done? You bet! Campers will go on a journey into a world of complete illusion, full of fantastic shapes and unreal perspectives with this week’s production. In a zany retelling of Lewis Carroll ... Register for 9 a.m. (Ages — all)

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